CBG Is The Natural Mood-Booster You Should Pay Attention To

This up-and-coming cannabinoid has been praised for its mood-enhancing qualities— here’s what you need to know.
By Medterra Wellness

First of all, what is CBG?

CBG is a natural compound extracted from cannabis that is noted for its energizing and uplifting effects. While CBG has the same anti-inflammatory properties as its famous relative, CBD, research suggests it’s a better supplement for daily cognitive support. And no— it won’t make you feel ‘out of it’ — so reach for it whenever you need to stay balanced, productive and focused throughout the day. 

Let’s talk benefits.

  1. Good vibes, all around. CBG promotes dopamine production; AKA the ‘pleasure chemical’ released in the brain that makes you feel good. In addition to those positive vibrations, CBG regulates sleep, appetite and memory to help you feel like your best and brightest self.
  2. Healthier living. As a potent antioxidant, CBG offsets oxidative stress that can lead to cell damage and disease. The skincare world is also taking note; it’s known to ward off the factors that contribute to premature aging. 
  3. Stress-soother. Studies point to CBG as an effective anti-anxiety aid that can be used to calm the nervous system. It can even be combined with CBD to produce more powerful pain-relieving effects.

How do I use it? 

CBG can be taken orally, or applied topically. Its most common and effective form is in an oil or tincture, which can be mixed into food or drink, or simply by squeezing the recommended droplets right under your tongue. 

A word to the wise. 

Ready to add CBG into your routine? Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be golden. 

  • Choose quality— seek out a reputable brand that third-party lab tests their products. 
  • Start with a low dose. You can always up your intake, if needed. 
  • Frequent fliers: select a travel approved CBG so you can keep up with your routine from anywhere. 

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