How to choose the right CBD gummy for you

Go by these guidelines, and you’ll find the perfect daily treat to target your wellness needs.
By Medterra Wellness

Gummies! They’re fun, they’re delicious, and they’re a great way to get a consistent dose of CBD. Go by these guidelines, and you’ll find the perfect daily treat to target your wellness needs.

Choose a reputable brand. There are a few important qualifiers you should use to determine whether a brand is reputable. Namely, U.S. Hemp Authority Certification and third-party testing. For a bit of context, the U.S. Hemp Authority was created to ensure safety and consistency in the CBD industry (basically, protection for consumers from brands that are more about profit, than producing a quality product). If a brand has this certification, it means they’ve endured rigorous inspections during all stages of the manufacturing process, granting them top-tier industry status and a well-earned place in your routine.

There are a lot of companies out there making big claims and pretty promises; sometimes it’s hard to suss out what’s real versus marketing-speak. Third-party testing is a good way to gauge. Brands send their products to an independent lab to run their own, un-biased testing. Each lab has it’s own criteria, but they’re mainly looking for the same things; verification that the amount of CBD advertised is accurate, and that there are no harmful materials or contaminants in the product. While seemingly essential, third-party testing isn’t mandatory, so make sure you do your research beforehand.

Quality counts. Artificial flavors, colors or high-fructose corn syrup can and should avoided. Seek out brands that use high quality, all-natural ingredients instead. Not only are they better for you, but they taste better too! Looking for a vegan and/or gluten-free option? They’re out there. If it’s not clearly written on the packaging, double check with customer service and they’ll be able help you discern if a product aligns with your lifestyle.

Name your need. Having a hard time fall asleep? Feeling out-of-it at work? Looking for a natural way to relax? The right CBD gummy can help you stay on top of your wellness goals and start feeling better. Most brands allow you to browse their selection by benefit, so you can easily find the right support for you.

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