Three Things To Look For In Quality CBD

Not all CBD is created equal
By Medterra Wellness

The CBD market has grown very saturated, very fast. It’s not uncommon to find CBD products at your corner store, pharmacy, and even grocery store.

But just because CBD is more available than it ever has been doesn’t mean that all CBD is created equal. CBD isn’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so the quality of CBD products can vary wildly between brands.

Below, let’s go through a quick checklist of things to look for when buying CBD. 

A Certificate of Analysis (COA)

The bottom line with COAs is that they should be front and center on any CBD product or CBD company website. If they’re not, consider that a red flag.

A quality COA details the compounds found in a CBD product. It will include a heavy metals, cannabinoid, and pesticides analyses. It could also include information on contents in the product like terpenes and other compounds found in hemp.

Sourcing & Short Ingredients List

It’s important to know where CBD is sourced from. Source info tells you whether the hemp is sustainably farmed, contains pesticides, is organic, and more. CBD grown through an organic process is often of a higher quality when it comes to effectiveness and safety.

The ingredients list should be short—too many ingredients can also be a red flag—and ideally the hemp should be grown in the United States to cut down on any potential harm. 

Third Party Testing

It’s crucial that the CBD is third-party tested by a trustworthy, qualified lab. It proves that the product is legitimate and safe and that the results presented by the CBD seller are accurate and unbiased.

There are many other factors to consider when buying CBD, like whether to choose CBD isolate or full spectrum (including THC), how big of a dosage to take, what form to buy (oils, capsules, gummies, etc), and more. But the short list provided above will ensure that the CBD product—no matter what form—is a safe, effective way to achieve the results desired. 

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